Reflections on my birthday

I was born exactly 2 years ago: on the 9th November 2006. Today is my Rezday, I’m 2 year old now, a teenager in SL terms.

You know how rezdays are: one gets nostalgic, remembers the first days, take out photo albums…

My first days in SL, well, well, well. It’s all a bit confused. We usually do not have a clear memory of our first years in RL and the same happens in SL. Too many things happening, too many impressions, too much to learn.

I chose the Begonia family and the City Chick genetic material. It was quite easy for me to tweak my body and appearance because I used to be a Sims player.

Here you can see myself as a SL baby. I trully liked the haircut and had quite a tough time to find a less ubiquitous style that suited me. You can see that I’m wearing hand made trousers and jumper. I was very proud of them.

I don’t remember much of the Orientation Island: the parrot and little more. My pc and graphic card behaved properly, and I think I got lost once while flying, but on the whole I could follow pretty well the instructions and did not feel too much frustrated. I guess I ventured in the big virtual world afterwards, because I remember I talked to a very nice fox/wolf guy, and having explored very ugly places that I found extremely interesting (I was so young and innocent then!)

I did not feel helpless nor lonely, but after a pair of days clicking on the map to teleport around I felt bored: I had no aims nor purposes in my second life and what I was doing had not real interest to me. I was visiting places, mostly. But being a tourist and on holiday after a while is tiresome.

I remember that once I went to see a big Hotel (a copy of a real one, probably the Starwood hotel,  but I’m not sure. I was walking inside this huge building, and I was alone… and I was afraid!! Lol, I know it’s silly but I was afraid of being alone in a big hotel with a lot of doors and corridors. Then I met another visitor, we talked, I saw that he was a good guy, and we explored the hotel together. We also found that there was “real” food in the restaurant, and that we could “take” it and “eat” it.

But yes, my second life was meaningless and not really interesting until I started looking for language teachers, went to some classes, visited educational Sims, and found a group of people I shared the same interests with.

This, in my opinion, is the main problem of SL and the main reason why many just came into the metaverse once, don’t see the point of it, and leave. It’s not easy, if you are not a creative person or an educator (but educators are usually creative) to understand the potential of these environments. May be some task based games could help at the beginning to learn and meet people while pursuing some aim, allowing the time necessary for each one to have a better understanding of the environment.



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2 responses to “Reflections on my birthday

  1. Hi Anna!

    Happy rezday! 🙂

    What a lovely account of your first days! You are one of the few people who did not feel frustrated in their first days. Lucky you!

    I can understand your feelings in the hotel and do not think it’s silly. Although, some people I know state that they do not feel immersed in Second Life, I do think that many do.


  2. I enjoyed very much reading this piece. In a recet study I’ve carried out in the field of the OpenHabitat project, it appears that ‘Getting the point’ is also essential for the success of learning activities.
    Also I share the feeling of deep immersion. I’ve been scared the first time I was shot in Nexus Prime.
    But also the first time I was trapped. Many, many times. And shocked by cultural clashes as well.
    I’ve forgotten my 1st avatar rezzday! 😦 But Paz is same generation you are. 1 month difference!

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