accessibility in SL


I was trying to do my homework, but when I arrived I saw a girl with a guide dog. And since I’m very courious, I could not resist and asked her about blind people and SL. I mean, SL is so visual, even text is actually an immage, that I really was surprise to find someone with impaired sight in it.

She told me to go to Whellies, where I could find a scripted dog that helps people with sight problem to go around SL. I found it very interesting and went there straight, leaving my homeworks for later :o))

And that’s how I discovered Taupo ( ) , a rather well known region dedicated to accessibility builds and that hosts information on disabled in SL (groups, institutions, researches, etc. and decided to share it with all the Muvenationers, because we all have quite often disable students in our class and it’s a topic  of interest for teachers.

I had just a quck look, but when I came back to take the landmarks and read some of the information with more calm I could meet Polgara Paine and another of the accessibility buiders,  who kindly explained me more about the scripted dog.

Summarising it, this scripted object (the guide dog) can read the chat in the chat window and find objects and people. This dog, called Max, is still beta, and they would like that it could interract with their inventory and objects around them. Max is still under development but there is a strong interest in this project because it could be a big help also for people with reading problems.



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5 responses to “accessibility in SL

  1. Misy Ferrairs

    Great, Antonella! You know I’m a teacher for people with disabilities and I’m specialized in teaching blind people. I’ll have a look there! Thx

  2. antonella

    The people there are very nice and friendly, and I think you can take a dog Max to try it.
    I think this concerns all teachers. When I was studying translation in Milan we had a blind guy in class, and once I had a deaf student of italian.

  3. slandete

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for this. I am a disabled minister specializing in disability ministry and have low vision myself. I’d love to be able to meet other disabled folks in world to discuss options. I have heard of accessibility islands but every time I’m there no one else is. 😦 So please drop info into my inventory in world. Thanks.

    Arielion Clawtooth

  5. Arelion – contact Muse Carmona, Louise Later, Polgara Paine, or JennyLin Arashi in world, and we will all help sort access issues for you.

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