Activity 8 – Draft your own micro-learning induction session

For this activity Dafne Gonzalez (Daf Smirnov) and I worked together to design a micro-lesson for the
LEVEL 1 MODULE: GETTING AROUND: WALK/FLY – OVERVIE Wextended Global Kids Curriculum (GKDx)

By the end of this module, participants will be able to walk, fly, and sit down, using the keyboard and/or the pie menu (go) arrows.


Participants will learn and practice with hands-on activities the skills of the module. The lesson will take place on a skybox where all the objects have been located to follow the guided activities. There will be a teleporter from the ground. Direct teleport with this landmark:

Boards contain the instructions for self-access completion.


1. Participants will read a board with illustrated instructions on how to use the keyboard arrows and the pie menue (option go) on how to
walk and fly

2. Participants will be asked to walk on a yellow road which starts with a straight shape which then becomes wavy.

3. At the end of the road, participants will find another board where they are asked to fly to a platform located a several meters
above the floor.

4. Once they arrive to the platform, they will automatically get a notecard with congratulations for having reached the top, and instructions for the
next step: getting back to the floor by using a spiral stair.

5. When they get to the ground, they will see another board with instructions to sit down on a chair they will immediately see.

6. When they sit down, they will receive a prize for their accomplishment.

Materials used:

– Skybox
– Boards with instructions
– A road with straight and wavy shape
– Floating platform
– Phantom notecard readers – notecards
– A spiral stair
– A chair

You are welcome to try our module 🙂

Anna and Daf

The unofficial opening party!


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One response to “Activity 8 – Draft your own micro-learning induction session

  1. slandete

    Hi Anna,

    I tested your tutorial and found it very good: the signs were big enough so there’s a good chance to read them even if you don’t know how to operate the camera view and it covers the basics. I only can contribute with 2 minor improvements that you could consider:

    1.- In the 2nd board, the one that shows how to view the moving control, I missed an indication that in order to view the pie menu you have to right-click on your avatar. I understand that the board is very crowded and there isn’t much space left, though.

    2.- You could set invisible avatar-height walls around the perimeter in case the newbie falls off the platform. And then you’ll have to add a teleporter or instructions for the newbie to come back to the ground. And perhaps a message that warns the newbie to watch his step.

    The overall learning experience was great and it was a good idea to have a directed walk and then having to fly to the platform. Also the indications for sitting were very clear.


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