Interview with Roy: how does it feel to be a tiny

Roy Blanchard, is the owner of Huggys Coffe House and Hug Mart Tiny Department Store! Both worthing a visit.

Roy Blanchard, is the owner of Huggy's Coffe House and Hug Mart Tiny Department Store! Both worthing a visit.

I love to chat with avatars in SL. May be is what I like most: to be able to talk to strangers without the nasty or dangerous consequences: no avatar will ever think that you are “weird” or an aging lonely lady and… if you don’t like the conversation, you simply “crash” ;p.

That’s why I choose for this assignment brief n. 2: Interview and take snapshots of an avatar. What a wonderful excuse to learn more about one of the many “tribus” in SL. But which one? … Dragons? Furies? Nekos? Goreans? Cyberpunks?… or Tinies?
Tinies! I’ve always been curious about tinies, and I’ve always liked to buy me a Tiny avatar. Let’s go for tinies, then.

I looked in Search and found a very nice and kind avatar, Roy Blanchard, who I discovered that, beside owning a coffee and a shop ( is quite an expert in matters of tinies and a very respected member of the their community.

To do the interview I felt somehow compelled to tiny myself. I would not have felt comfortable to stare down from my highness while chatting with Roy. Unfortunately, I did not have a nice tiny avatar in my inventory, but better than nothing.

Anna (the ugly cat) interviewing Roy.

Anna (the ugly cat) interviewing Roy.

The interview was really interesting for me, and I’ve learned more chatting with Roy than in my whole SLife. I will summarise here what I discovered.
First of all, we are biggy (lol, I loved that), and not all the tinies are the same (as not all the biggies are the same).

Tinies and other communities
The tiny community does not suffer from prejudices or discrimination like other communities (i.e. furries). Usually people find tinies cutes, but there are very few biggies that remember to put chairs for tinies or build thinking in tinies too, and sometimes biggies don’t see them and bump inadvertently into them. Many don’t care, but some don’t really like biggies, and don’t mix.

Many ways of being a tiny
While some like Roy consider their avatar an extension of themselves, and therefore do not “act” or role play a tiny character, other play the role of human children, baby furs, or even pets. That means that either they do not speak at all (in the case of being a pet) or baby-talk.

Roy explains what it means to him to be a tiny
As a biggy disguised under a tiny skin, I was really curious to know what means to be a tiny to Roy. I really loved his answers, and I copy here (they were not given in a “row”, though): “I am a tiny almost all the time”. “I feel odd when I am big”. “I see this bear as an extension of myself in SL”. “the gal who made my avi copied it from a toy bear I hired her to make”. “and I thought a huggy bear would be a good mascot”. “a few weeks later, in walked my avatar!” “I was part time tiny for a few months”. “then it got where people were disappointed when I was big”.
anna Begonia: they got used to see you “tiny”
Roy Blanchard: yup.
Anna Begonia: do you change avatar? because normally i don’t
Roy Blanchard: I don’t change often.



In the shop the’re was a nice female tiny avatar, Nadia, and I was curious to listen to her opinion too.

Nadia reasons to become a tiny

Nadia too said that she usually do not change avatar, but admitted that she became a tiny not long ago. The main reason to become a tiny was the excess of drama among the biggy community. It is not that the tiny community is free from drama, but here live is not complicated by “all the sex and stuff”. Actually tiny show their affection by hugging and kissing, but they do not have sex.

Roy hugs Nadia

Roy hugs Nadia

When I finished the temptation to buy a nice tiny avatar in Roy shop (where 75 sellers can show for free their stuff) was to strong and… I surrendered! Here I am in my new skin!



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3 responses to “Interview with Roy: how does it feel to be a tiny

  1. Thank you for posting your interview with my good friend Roy. He is certainly an institution of tinihood in SL. For another perspective on the choice of a tiny avatar, you are welcome to read my blog entries on the above Blogger website. The first two make up a two-part entry called, “Why a tiny?” The third addresses the question of, “Why a bunny?”

    P.S. Love your owl avatar!

  2. Roy would be huggable even without the tiny teddy bear avie because he is so kind and generous. His store, Hug*Mart, is an example. It is more of a community hub where folks gather rather than a place to shop. Thanks for interviewing Roy and giving those who have yet to meet him a chance to learn about this staple of Second Life®.

  3. Azelle Mavendorf

    So glad you chose to explore the tiny community. 😀 As a group, we really do have a lot of fun! Welcome aboard! I hope to see you around (be sure and check out the Raglan Shire sims 🙂

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