All about Anna & Co.

I loved my hair, and did not want to change it

I loved my hair, and did not want to change it

Anna : Can you help me? At Muvenation they are asking me to explain “‘All about my avatar: SL Name FamilyName” where you explain the history of your avatar(s), motivations, characteristics, main activities. Also describe the rhetoric behind your avatar: how did you build your avatar in relation of the effects you’d like to produce? Don’t forget to mention your profile!”

RL Self: Uff, quite a lot of information…Ok, do you want to know why I called you Anna Begonia? Well, it’s easy. Living abroad I know that my name is difficult to pronounce for many people, and I’ve always found it too long. Actually, I don’t feel my name “mine”. That’s not how my friends call me. That’s why I choose you a practical, short, easy name. Starting with A of course, and the surname had to start with B. I liked Begonia, and.. that’s all.

Anna Begonia will alwyas have pigtails and red eyes

Anna Begonia will alwyas have pigtails and red eyes

Anna : Ah ah, and why did you made me the way you made me?

RL Self: Well, among all the avatars I liked City chic. I liked your hair a lot, and did not change them for a long time. Then Giovanni Tweak made me understand the importance ofhaving an avatar that was somehow different… and I started to feel uncomfortable meeting so many identical twins of me. You did not have many friends yet, nor a job, so it was not very important, but I started looking for hairs for you, and I modified a bit your avatar. You kept the skin, because you liked the freckles, and we could not find anything better… but you got new hairs. It was the first important sum that you spent.

Anna : When did you write things in my profile?

RL Self: Well, very late. I think that we discovered the profile in July 2007. I remember it because you were taking English classes at Languagelab and you asked to take a photo to all your class to put it among the pics. But I did not write anything about myself. That’s your profile, and your virtual life…

Anna : Yes, but now you have written something about yourself as well.

Aaa Benelly is a quiet guy.RL Self:

Yes, because you know, I wanted to see if I could find someone who wanted to practice Italian in SL. I wanted to try it, to experiment… and not everybody trust avatars.

Anna : Yes, I know. It will change with the time, I ‘m sure of it. Another question: tell me about my brother and my sister.

RL Self: well, you first brother, aaa Benelli, was born for a practical reason: to check if the perms of the things you were doing were correct.

Anna : Yes, he helped me in many occasions: when I need to do boards, or when I had to prepare a dancing floor with many balls to dance in pairs… I would not have been able to do it without him.

Aaa Benelly works often with Anna

Aaa Benelly often works with Anna

RL Self: He’s a silent guy, with no friends. But he’s an hard worker… Sometimes not to have friends is the only way one can finish everything in time. And you.. Anna, you are a bit too social sometimes :o))

Anna : /blush. Yes… but you know: you cannot ignore too much people in SL. Relationships are important but not very strong here, you need to cultivate them a bit…. And what about Annaguest Blinker?

Annaguest Blinker keeps many interesting groups for me

Annaguest Blinker keeps many interesting groups for me

RL Self: Annaguest was born… for my guests. People who were interested in attending an event but did not want to bother with opening an account. She’s the less personal one. Now she helps me as well, sometimes, to take pics, try things or keep groups for me. But she’s more an acquaitance than a friend.

Anna : I see… and… yes! Tell me about the big transformation aaa Benelli underwent this summer… He told me that he changed gender! He became a woman!

Aaa Benelli wanted to became a woman for RPG

Aaa Benelli wanted to became a woman for RPG

RL Self: yes. You can read the whole story in his profile. I wanted to do some research in RPG in SL, and I asked him to do it for me. You couldn’t because you have already too many groups, and your inventory is too heavy… and then I did not know what to expect, nor what you would have had to do… So he offered. But he did not feel comfortable as a men in Gdr, so we spent quite a few days trying to understand what he was to become, in which guild and in which land…, which look, shape, gender, etc.

Anna : did you participate to a Gdr in SL?

RL Self: I tried, but many things happened and now I do not have time to accompany him anymore. So he came back to his previous self… but sometimes he changes to that beautiful and mysterious woman.

Any more questions?

When Anna was working in Events at Languagelab, she used another avatar... but that its a long story.

When Anna was working in Events at Languagelab, she used another avatar... but that it's a long story.

Anna : No, I think I have enough information. Thanks. You know, with so many updating and restart, sometimes I lose some memories… and in addition my inventory is such a mess!

RL Self: I was forgetting: you can write this as well: all the avatars I feel like real mine have red eyes. And It’s not, as Paul say, that they are spending too many hours in front of the Pc.

Anna, as she is now

Anna, as she is now



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5 responses to “All about Anna & Co.

  1. Antonella and Anna,

    I loved how you placed your information into a interview format. Very creative and entertaining to read. LOVED IT!!

  2. Daniela Cuccurullo

    What a great idea to share your reflections in an nterview format. I like it so much!
    That makes me think about the theme of the double in literature.
    And literature IS Second Life now.
    I’ll deepen the matter, it could be an interesting point of research to write an article about.
    Thank you very much, I’ll let you know if I write something on it.

  3. antonella

    As I said, it’s just a trick. I’m very bad at writing serious stuff. All that I write are exercises for my students.
    In any case, I’m happy that you enjoyed it. :o))

  4. Carol Rainbow

    Lovely Anna
    I should write one in a similar manner and introduce Dexy and Tedi in the same way as you have 🙂

    Thanks for all of your help last night!

  5. Karelia

    Very entertaining and original .. like you! Grazie!

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