Carolrb Roux Stackable cubes experiment at Muvenation

STARRING: Carolrb Roux  – Samu Lorenfield -PeterGeorge Slade -Lju Lupindo -Evelyn Michalski -Danic Magic -Daffodil Fargis -Daf Smirnov -Misy Ferraris -Gizmo Latte -Cvetka Nacht -CorDeRosa Loire -Astra Marian – Antanc Aabye -Anna begonia -Alpha Lorgsval -Narci Shan -Gloriagdiago Galicia -Evelyn Michalski -Wonderalica Alturas

And some I forgot to write down ;o)

Yesterday Carol came to Muvenation to show us her  stackable cubes. An experiment, or better said,  a performance all muvenationers were invited to, and who had a good participation in SL terms.

Carol is an old friend of mine in SL. She’s an educator and a scripter, and she does wonderful things, many educational (she did more than one tool for Daf Smirnov) others more ludic.

This time, beside the letter cubes she brought us as well a modifiable pannel of one single prim that can host 100 different sounds, each linked to a specific spot of its surface. And the fact that she gave it out with mod perms says much of her generosity.

The idea came from the discussion Carol and me had recently on wether this tool was easy or difficult to use. I tried to use something similar with a student of mine and… well, we had some tecnical problems, and end up doing without the verbs textures on prims I had prepared.

The questions we were asking ourself were:

a) is it easy to use for the average of avatars, indipendetly from his/her skills?

b) would people enjoy using it?

c) can they be used to stimulate discussion or collaborative activities?

I’m very intersted in collaboration in  SL. Language learning today is more the result of team work than the effort of solitary students. And collaborate in SL is not so easy as it would seem at first sight. I had the chance to experiment it first hand in the almost 6 months that I offered mysefl as a laboratory animal for language teachers.

In this experiment with Carol’s letter cubes,  I think that the real collaboration was the spontaneous trasformation of the space we had around. The moving and spreading of coloured prims all around, the writing of words, the possible, casual or wanted, dialogue between words and shapes people were creating.

My only regret is that I could not put a fixed camara in a corner to record the dismatling and scattering of the original letter cube piles Carol prepared for us. Playing it with the right speed would have shown a very beautiful collective coreography.

But putting aside my visual side, there is still a question I would like to ask to those who took part to the experiment:

Did you worked alone or did you work in little groups? And if you worked alone, did you feel that you would have worked well with other people (may be if you knew them a bit better…)using this tool?

Did you get any idea of possible educative aplication of this took (being it with letters on the cube sides or with other shapes and elements) in you field?

And to finish I would like to thanks Carol on behalf of all Muvenation, for giving us this possibility and for her wonderful work. Her explanation are simle and clear and her disponibility and care is amazing.  And thanks to all the Muvenationers who came and played with us.


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