taliking with the teacher-2

This time my interview with the teacher was much shorter, but not less intersting. It was late, there were crash problems, and so I put aside my inborn couriosity and asked only few questions.

Here they are:

the instructor

the instructor

anna Begonia: Is this course still in beta?
(my impression was that it was not, but I have to ask to fill one of the point of the grid)

Tammy Connolly: Yes it is actually.  This is only the 3rd time we have run it.  I’m still fine tuning it bassed on everyone’s comments and questions trying to make it as clear as possible.  But it is near the end of beta testing.

anna Begonia: well, it does not look like look very well tested. By the way, are you copy /pasting form notecard?

Tammy Connolly: Yes I copy and paste it.  I wrote the lesson about 3 weeks ago and have been fine tuning it since then.  This was officially the last Beta test of this lesson.  It is now ready for other teachers to teach it after I make final revisions to it tonight

anna Begonia: what are the most important aspects of delivering a workshop successfully?

Tammy Connolly: Well my point of view on this comes from my RL experience.  In RL I am a corporate trainer and teach training seminars.  For me the most important part of delivering the lesson is making sure there is interaction and that people get the chance to ask questions during the lesson.  I want my classes to be involved and be a part of it.

anna Begonia: yes, i noticed this in your class, and here in SL it’s not very usual,  many just deliver they content and go home. I really liked it.

Tammy Connolly: yes I know I have sat through many of those lessons here in SL.  here when I teach a lesson I alot for at least 30 minutes of extra time formyself incase I have a class with a lot of questions.
anna Begonia: and my last question: do you have any advice for giving clases in SL

Tammy Connolly: Be Prepared.  If you didn’t write the lesson you are teaching do research on the topic it covers so that you are prepared to answer additional questions outside the scope of the lesson itself.

anna Begonia: like in RL :o))

Tammy Connolly: Yes!

Anna Begonia: thank you very much for your time and attention.

Tammy Connolly: you are welcome.


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