British Council Isle on the main grid

I was invited by Graham Stanley to the pre-opening of the British Council Isle on the main grid. I’ve been waiting to be able to see the British Council Island it since they started working on it in the Teen Grid and now I was going to visit it! I was so excited! So on Saturday evening I set my alarm clock on 8.00 am CET be sure to be well awake by 9.00 am and be the first to be there and…. I overslept!!!!

Room with a view

Room with a view

Luckily enough the island was open to visitors for the whole day, so I could visit it on my own. It’s really nice: one can really smell Britain there (yes, believe it or not all countries have their particular smell). There is a little English village with shops and a hotel, a big and scary mystery house, Dover cliff, a castle and many other things to discover on the way. What I liked most is the Marian scavenger hunt. I even manage to find some of the clue and so enjoy the original and witty text that leads participants toward the rescue of Marion. But my favourite is with no doubt Nessie. What would you say of a tour lead by a lake monster that greats you so: Nessie whispers: Sit on ma back fer a tour! Nessie whispers: Come along now, laddies and lassies, I’ll start a’swimming in aboot 20 seconds. Nessie whispers: Clamber right up on ma back and hae a seat. Nessie whispers: What’s the matter with ye? Dae ye think I’d eat such a wee bitty thing as yer avatar? I loved it! And it’s very useful, since she gives you quite a bit of information and hints. I will go back in a week or so, when the British Council Island will be officially opened to finish the scavenger hunt and get informed of possible activities they will be offering.




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