Workshop in Valencia

This weekend I gave a workshop on SL and language learning for the V Laboratorio di didattica e aggiornamento dell’italiano organised by the Prof-it in Valencia. I survived and discovered that I really do not like to monologue but I trully enjoy to interact with people: answer questions and do things together. That’s when my hands stop trembling and I feel at ease. Can it be because I’m a language teacher and language teachers are not used to “give speaches”?

Of course, I’ve learnt a lot from my (many) mistakes. But that is the interesting part of it, isn’t it. (At least from my point of view he he)

Here are the slides of the introductory monologue (when my hands were trembling and my chest was so contracted that I almost could not breath)



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2 responses to “Workshop in Valencia

  1. Percival Bookmite

    A very good performance. You’re a great actress: nobody realized that and the session was very interesting and productive.

  2. antonella

    you are too kind and a real friend ;o)
    Thanks for all your help. I really did not know what and how I could have done it without you and Alfredo.

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