A place on your own

I’ve been always openly critic to those who owned many sims. I’ve been even critic to those who owned one single, simple, tiny little sim. “You have the whole world to explore! There is no any need to own land. Land owner are usually more than happy to let you use their land for education!” I was crying aloud from the top of my inexperience.
One year later I’m the tenant of an office, shared with a colleague and dear friend, and two little potatoes field (someone prefer to call them launchrooms, but mines are really bare potatoes field).
I rented first the office. I wanted to try to play media and where I worked at the time I did not have that permission, and I wanted to put some freebies in a very well known online shop, therefore I needed a small place to put the boxes. We rented our office for 3 months, and in that time I came to appreciate so much the community, the well runned sim and the chance of working on my own, with no one coming to chat with you (yeah, yeah, SL is a wonderful social place, but it’s impossible to do anything interesting if one spend its entire time chatting around) that we kept it after the summer.

My second estate :o) was offered for free by an enlightened educator. I wanted to start a personal project and needed Italian learners: the best way to find them in the vast immensity of the metaverse  was to publish the weekly meeting time and day in Events, and wait to see if someone dropped by. I could not use my little quiet office for that purposes or the quietness would have disappeared soon after. Here again I found a nice community of educators and I really enjoyed my stay. Unluckily, we had a bad griefers attach and it was decided to let in only those belonging to the group. A very understandable decision, but I wanted something open to everybody, where everybody was always welcome to come and have a look, or take part in the activities.

Therefore I started looking for another place (and as soon as I found it and paid 3 months in advance, the previous place opened the sim again to everybody… la miseria!)
My third potatoes field is not for free but is cheap, and the owner is a nice guy who lives and let live and gives you even terraforming perms (that I tried out immediately, but very, very warily, thanks to Bea experience.

To have a place on my own is very important now for me and I could not go without it. And not only because it’s a meeting point for my activities, it’s also a place where I can learn a bit to manage a bit land, how to tackle griefers attacks (3 in 11 months, each on a different estate, yes griefers are not a legend) or how to play media. It’s also a place where learners can rez and run scripts, where I can leave material for those who want to come back to rehearsal some of the vocabulary, or a place that they feel they can use also when the activity is over.
But I’m still very critic with those who own kilometres of land and use only a tiny part of them ;o) Is it a contradiction?


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