burglar buddy

An artist friend of mine was totaly disappointed when burglars visited her house and did not steal any of her works. It seems that to have one’s art work stolen adds up to your value.

In this case, I cannot complain. Yesterday while I was teaching some basic SL skills to a group of newbies someone stole almost all my brand new portable tutorial. Almost all because they left the room we were in, at least. But it was a big surprise for me when I said: let’s go to the next room… and we had the sky above us, and the sky below us… Not a big problem, since I rezzed a new one, but I think it’s rather representative of the culture of some people in SL: not sharing and collaborate with others but simply stealing.

As well, it was very annoying to have the staff of the sandbox to question us when we arrived (Who were us? was it a group? What were we going to do? and then they started sending their group to everybody…) I thought sandboxes were place anyone could use freely, with some norms, of course, but not a place where you feel intimidated or where to hunt for newbies to add to your group (and probably spam with notices ever after).

Lesson learned: when one brings inworld a group of newbies, only in well known sandboxes.

Here are the builder buddy that I made lately.



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2 responses to “burglar buddy

  1. Cvetka Nacht

    Dear Anna,

    as usual, I am fascinated by your ideas and your creativity (and, of course, also as usual, I also ask myself how many days and with how much patience you must have worked on these BB scenes).

    Ps: of course, I’d also like a copy, when and if possible 😉

  2. antonella

    you can take your copy in xstreetsl
    prices range from 0 to 1 linden, and the 1 linden is just because otherwise one canot send it as a present. In your case, tell me how much did you spend and I will refund the money ;o)
    I enjoy making them and some were made for an italianiamo activity. So it’s a pity to use them only once and then keep them in my inventory.

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