Pyramidoodle, the kick off of a new project

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On Thursday I was invited by the Italian group Pyramidoodle, hosted on the beautiful Solaris Island, to present a little thing I prepared for my Italianiamo activities and share with them the experience and some reflections.

Pyramidoodle is one of the multiple expression of the Pyramid Cafè group and its aim is to encourage the use of 3D and virtual environments (Second Life, OpenSim among others) to help organisations, groups and educators to meet and share their knowledge in an informal and playful way.

I’m very glad to have had the chance to see them in action from behind the scenes because they gave me a lesson on how to organise an event.

In my, by now rather long life in SL (I will be 3 on the 11th of November) I’ve never took part to anything so well organised (and it is to be said that I worked for almost a year for one of the biggest language school in SL).

Beside being connected in streaming to multiple places in SL, we were streamed as well in Opensim. Nothing was left to chance: each member of the organisation team had a defined role: Fiona was taking photos, Crisma was recording the event, Junta was typing what was being said for those who could not hear it while Zogia, Salazhar and Magicflute were introducing the project of Pyramidoodle and the event itself.

A part some little technical problems (what would be the fun in SL if one knew that everything will work perfectly?) due to the number of avatars participating, the event went on pretty also thanks to the collaboration of all the attendees.

The closing of the evening with small talk and playful improvisations was particularly pleasant and gave us the chance to know each other a bit more.

If you have time (it’s quite long) you can see here the video shooted by Crisma.



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