On places and people

Lately I was interviewed by two of Cvetka‘s students. It’s becoming a tradition by now, and one I enjoy. Let’s say it, to be interviewed, even if  by a student, always make you feel a bit… a bit more interesting than what you really are. :))

The second of my interviewed asked me to bring her to 3 different places I like or find interesting in SL.

[…………………………….. long, embarrassed and embarrassing silence………………………].

Hem hem, I have to confess it: I do not travel too much in SL. Ok, when I read (mostly on SLED) or are told of some new interesting location, I usually go and have a (often quick) look. But lest say it: to jump from one point to the other of the grid after a while is… boring. It’s like being on holiday: everybody likes to do sightseeing, but after a week of churches, museums, monuments and walks in picturesque neighbourhoods, we all would like to have something better to do.

The places I like most are… the places where I do something interesting or where I meet interesting people. And what I like most is making interesting things with interesting people, without caring about the surroundings landscape (whose feature I appreciate  most is: low lag).

I enjoy the Edunation community and love its sandbox (a sort of meeting point for all its residents), I like to meet with the members of Slexperiment, I love to get involved with the versatile Pyramid group and to participate in their many events (the last of with, a conference with Mario Gerosa on the 14th of  December 2009), or to keep in touch with my ex-schoolmates (he he… this word make me feel so young!) of the Muvenation course and to share opinions and help each other. And I enjoy building, learning, having concrete, tangible projects with other people I like and admire.

Therefore, I brought the student who asked me about interesting places to the Second Life Italia community land, where she can meet Italians and chat with them, and to the Indire sandbox, where …. she can meet Italians and chat with them.

I do not know why, I had the impression that she was not very impressed by it… but she is young, she will learn 😉


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