My earthly self

Anna Begonia lent my cellular self this space for a short post. It will be short because I’m very busy at the moment, and excited. With a group of colleagues from the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Barcellona we started a proget: Italismani. It’s still in its early beginning, and we have still a lot to do, but the idea is very good and it will be as well a way to work together and know each other better.

The idea is to create a repository of online exercises and activities that suit our students. We know that there is a huge amount of exercises online, ready to use, but they not always respond to our student needs. In addition, for many of us it will be an occasion to learn to use some useful tools and introduce new technologies in our classes.

The kick off of the project is a short video, the result of the collaboration of teachers and students. We had great fun shooting it, and hope you will enjoy watching it.



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2 responses to “My earthly self

  1. Hi Antonella,
    the video is very cute. I’m aware this is just a starting point. Actually, we could write a ‘serial’ with our pupils, just short sequences where they act in Italian. It’s a huge work but… we could take it in consideration. Bye and many thanks for sharing! Nadia

  2. antonella

    Hi Nadia,
    First of all, thanks for your comment.
    I think that your proposal is very interesting: for what I know, you have some experience in drama techniques aplied to teaching, Azzurra has a huge experience in it and I’m just experimenting here in SL with a group of learners the idea of shooting a “serial” ( and learning Italian in this way. The results are rather interesting and I will summarise it all here when the first short film will be finished.

    Why don’t you talk with Azzurra and come up with a proposal for the Istituto Italiano?

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