On roleplays: the point of view of the learner

I started to write a long an boring post on language learnig and roleplay when I thought that may be it would be much more interesting to listen to those who are roleplaying in a language that is not theirs. Usually their primary aim is not to learn the language, but to have fun and enjoy the collabortive writing of a story. But well, what if I asked them to think about their language learnig process? That would be much more interesting that my long bla bla bla.

I decided that I will interview myself too… well, the me in front of the keyboard will interview Anna, but only at the end. I’m more interested in listening to others than listening to myself :D.

I wrote down a series of key questions I want to ask, so that all the interviews will have somehow the same structure and opionions will be easy to compare, but of course an interview is first of all a dialogue, a discovering of a person (person? well, let’s say avatar), therefore each one will be a bit different.

I started already, and I’m really enjoying the experience. I hope you will enjoy it too.


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